About Us

ArthUdgam Welfare Foundation came into existence in 2015 to provide easier access to affordable loans to underserved and underbanked community in India.

The company began its operations in eastern Uttar Pradesh, empowering under privileged women to rise and participate in income-generating activities.  True to its name “ArthUdgam” meaning “Origin of Money”, the essence of the foundation lies in enhancing the income generating abilities of the less privileged communities and thereby up lift their socio-economic quality of life. AUW is committed to become their partner in the journey of social and economic independence.

What we stand for

We work with the community to create more inclusive growth opportunities and empower them to lead a better socio-economic life.

Identify economic opportunity

We focus on nurturing and supporting micro entrepreneurs. Our products are developed organically to address needs identified by women and the community we work with. We believe in continually evolving and adapting our efforts based on their inputs in order to better suit these needs.

Co-create the success model

Access to finance is one of the most important means to empower the underserved community but certainly not the only ingredient to ensuring their success. Our model starts with creating access to and control over finance and continues to provide access to knowledge, practical entrepreneurial and life skills as well as social support.

Drive a positive change in people’s lives

We seek to bring about significant positive change not only in the lives of people but also in the structure of the local economy at the grass root level. Every time AUW extends a loan it enables someone to grow his business and create better opportunities for themselves, it creates an opportunity for others as well. That ripple effect has the power to positively shape the future of a family or an entire community.

Our Mission & Vision

We seek to create more equal financial opportunities for the under-banked people which can bring about significant positive change not just in the lives of people but also in the structure of local economy at grass root level.

We believe in becoming a partner who understands the livelihood needs of a household and focusses on supporting the micro-entrepreneurial journey.

Our People

Anup K Pande

Chairman of the Board

Manish Khera

Board Member

Gautam Ivatury

Board Member

Shweta Aprameya

Founder & CEO, Board Member

Varsha Bhansali

Finance & Partner Engagement


Welfare Services

Dileep Chaudhari

Branch Operations

Madhuri Gupta

Branch Operations

Sapna Singh


Satendra Singh


Surendra Singh


Mukesh Srivastav