We at AUW understand that low income families in India lead a complex live and have varying financial needs ranging from basic credit requirements to products like remittances, pension, insurance and savings schemes.

Keeping the unique needs of the people in mind, our services have be conceptualized and designed based on thorough on-ground research and analysis of past lending experiences. Currently, We offer 2 key services under our financial inclusion initiative namely, Arth Jeevika & Arth Vriddhi, to support new and growing businesses, especially those involving women.

Product Portfolio

Arth Jeevika

Arth Jeevika is a shared liability plan that enables a group of women (usually two to five) to take income generating loans by forming a group, wherein members act as each other’s guarantor. Through this product, we encourage more women to participate in economic activities and drives their enterprising capabilities.

Loan size: Rs.10,000 – 40,000
Loan term: 12 – 24 months
Processing fee: 1%
Interest rate: 25%

Arth Vriddhi

Arth Vriddhi is a first of its kind enterprise loan product offered to budding and promising entrepreneurs. The uniqueness of the product comes from the fact that most of the AUW customers who have gone through successful loan repayment and have proven themselves as micro-entrepreneurs have now credible history with AUW. these enterprises have no existing financial or digital history nor any collateral to offer. By leveraging data intelligence, we are able to offer highly customized loans as well as easy repayment terms to address the specific needs of these micro-enterprises.

Loan size: Rs.40,000 – 100,000
Loan term: 18 – 24 months
Processing fee: 1%
Interest rate: 25%

Areas of Operations

12,000+ Households

3 States

10 Branches

Rs. 33 Cr. Loans Funded

100% Repayment Rate

99% Women Borrowers

Loan Cycle

Loan Cycle

Client Orientation

KYC and loan Application

Credit check & background verification

Compulsory group training

Group recognition test

Loan Processing (HO approval)

Digital Loan disbursement

Loan Repayment


We are committed to provide adequate and appropriate training to all its employees carry out their duties effectively, across all levels on a continuous basis ensure that the employees including branch office undergo comprehensive training programs at regular intervals of time adequate and appropriate training to carry out their duties effectively, across all levels on a continuous basis.

Risk Management

Risk being integral to our operations, we are able to make educated decisions by puting in place a thorough process of screening, monitoring, evaluation & accurate reporting. We promote a strong credit culture to provide the necessary checks and balances for successful risk management

  • Simple products
  • Sound standardized procedures
  • Strong credit culture
  • Daily MIS reports and Business Intelligence Portal
  • Technology-enabled tracking solutions (along with SMS updates)
  • Transparency through regular reporting
  • Real time data generation