Our Customers

The Story of Manju

Manju is from Galla Mandi, Lucknow

She is a Pulses (Dal) Trader

Loan type: Group lending

Today she is a happy customer, having grown her business by four to five times

Today, Manju is proud of her business and financially more stable and secure. She has transformend into a true digital customer who is repaying digitally. She feels digitization has made her life easier and has helped her build the foundation for new and better life.

The Story of Shashi

Shashi is from Bandhan Tola, Bachhrawan

She owns a Cosmetics store

Loan type: Group lending

Since association with AUW, her daily sales have increased by over 3 times.

Our customer from Bachharawan, Rai barely, has a family of 5 members where the only source of income was her husband’s salary as a shop sales man.
The family’s financial needs were being nearly met, but she was determined to ensure good quality education for her two sons and daughters.

The Story of Muniya

Manju is from Bachrawan, Rae Bareily

She is owner of a Pooja Store

Loan type: Initially Group lending, then individual

Since association with AUW, her business has since grown by 40%

A small trader of puja items, her husband and son earning a living as street vendors, our customer had initially approached commercial banks for loans but soon left hope. When she got to know of AUW, she applied and got a loan of Rs.15,000.